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Field work of Minas Gerais and Silesia delegations on technology, innovation and enterpreneurship noteworthy initiatives at Gliwice

Katowice 15/05/2019

In the frame of the IUC-LAC Project mission of Minas Gerais region to Silesia, the representatives of the Brazilian delegates were conducted by their Silesian counterparts to make several on the ground visits to various singular initiatives that foster regional competitiveness which could serve as reference for potential interregional collaborations. Today, the city of Gliwice showed successful experiences as the medical cluster or the reference software company Future Processing at the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship facilities. Later on, the additional entrepreneurship experiences of the Science and Technology Park were also presented. Visits continued at the Research Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, where its closeness with mining activity gathered common points for potential collaborative projects. Finally, the journey finished with a visit and a networking dinner at the Shaft Maciej industrial heritage mining site.

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